Central Texas Ability Sports

Year Round Sports For Children with Disabilities and their Siblings free of charge.
Registered 501C

Advocate for the U.S. President's Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition in their revitalized "I Can Do It, You Can Do It!" Program

About Us

Our Mission: Providing year round sports and activities to children with disabilities, their siblings, and parents free of charge for total family inclusion.

We teach life skills through sports and activities.




John Lorek, Gayla Talley, and Lisa Johnson realized there is a great need for physical activity and inclusion for children with disabilities.


John Lorek is the Executive Director, Gayla Talley is a Vice-President, and Lisa Johnson is a Vice-President,




All of Central Texas. From Bastrop to Killeeen.


Founding Principles of our programs;


It started as a simple wish to include my son with vision and physical disabilities named Ryne Lorek who is named after the great Ryne Sandberg.


Ryne has a Mentally slow sister named Samantha and when Ryne was 4 years old we tried the Texas Special Olympics, they would take Samantha, but not Ryne because of his age, vision, and physical disabilities because they focus on individuals with intellectual disabilities.



We partnered with Legal zoom and started the process of building our very own unique non-profit status. Legal zoom were very instrumental in helping us start the process with the IRS and the State of Texas and within 6 months we became East Wilco Challenger Sports on June 23rd, 2011 (Ryne’s Birthday)


East Wilco Challenger Sports was named simply because we were located in Eastern Williamson County Texas.


Six months later we were having children with disabilities sign up to play with us from all over Central Texas and thus is the reason we got the assumed name Central Texas Ability Sports under EWCS.


We wanted the name of Central Texas Ability Sports because we really wanted to focus on all of our children’s abilities rather than their disabilities.


Our characteristics are very unique. We allow parents and siblings to play along side of their child with disabilities for family participation and inclusion.


We even have non-disabled children playing with us simply due to the fact that they just want to have fun while they are learning the sport.


Our main characteristic is teaching life skills through sports and participation in which they are learning valuable skills such as Honesty, Patience, Integrity, Sportsmanship, and Community Involvement.


We even teach our children to give back to their communities as well. Twice a month we pass out donated items from a local department store at local Food Pantries to less fortunate families showing that our children can and will give back to their communities no matter what their abilities might be.


One Saturday a month, we take a small group of our children to a retirement home to play games, do puzzles, and color with the seniors. This as well teaches these children to give back no matter what.






Current Community programs we are performing:


CTX Ability Sports is in process to be an advocate for the revitalized U.S. President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition “I Can Do It, You Can Do It” program which encourages all individuals with disabilities to become active and involved in their communities.


CTX is currently providing Adaptive Kickball in the fall, Adaptive Basketball in the winter, Adaptive Baseball in the spring, and Adaptive Golf in the summer.



Future goals and projects just starting off



CTX Ability Sports is in negotiations with The Bridge Community Church to partner and build the first even Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation Ability Field in Central Texas on their property. This is our greatest need in Central Texas! We have started a Fundraising campaign to raise $350,000 to build this field so all of the children with disabilities in Central Texas will have a home for many generations.


This is our major barrier, needing a home for all of our children to play for free.


The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation has dedicated their lives to build youth Development parks across America and we are blessed to have them as a partner.


Our barriers;


Our main barrier is we are located almost in the Middle of Dallas and Houston.

There are fewer community supporters in this area of Texas and their resources are very limited or spoken for.


One major barrier we have overcome is our operations cost and it was a simple solution. Right now our annual operations cost is $15,000 to run our year round programs and keep them free of charge. We hold an annual Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament every November to raise the necessary funding for field rental, food, awards, uniforms, equipment, and other costs.


Our Adaptive Kickball is sponsored by NFL Play 60 this year and every child will receive a free NFL Play 60 T-Shirt and they will receive a U.S. Presidential youth Fitness Medal during our award ceremony.


Our Adaptive Basketball Season was sponsored by the NBA Care’s program last season and every one of our children received a free NBA Jersey.


Our Adaptive Baseball Season is our biggest cost simply because our children wear official MILB gear and we purchase all of the shirts and hats from official MILB stores. Our Children love the MILB teams and uniforms. We chose the MILB simply because our children love the mascots and enjoy doing the research on the teams. A perfect example is one of our teams were named after the Pensacola Blue Wahoo’s. These children found out what a Blue Wahoo was, the teams location, and players from that team.


We also want to really help in promoting the “I Can Do It, You Can Do It” program throughout Texas at various ISD’s which will make a tremendous impact on children we will never meet.


In ten years we will be turning this organization over to our children and will be run by our children with disabilities when they become adults. How cool is that?


Our hopes and real dreams are to teach our children they can and will be productive members of society. We are teaching them they can and will give back to their communities no matter what their abilities are.






Our Focus


Character development


Free participation


Sports opportunities


Community and Social responsibility


Community Inclusion


Email   john@ctxabilitysports.com

Phone  512-212-1259